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Women and children, Batticaloa and Mullaitivu, Eastern Sri Lanka

IMG_1409 IMG_0979

A few favorite pics from my assignment in Sri Lanka in mid-March.  These were taken around Batticaloa and Mulaitivu in the Eastern part of the country.

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Girls of La Pita, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Girls of La Pita, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Girls of La Pita, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Reviewing photos from my visit to Nicaragua in July of 2011, I happened upon this gem.  I was visiting a remote village in the mountains in North-West Nicaragua in the department of Matagalpa, where Acción Médica Cristiana works to empower women and improve lives through small savings groups, a cow-bank program, health clinics, and other strategies.  Their website: amcenglish.org.

More photos here

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Video: Harford School for Girls, Sierra Leone

The Harford School for Girls in Moyamba, Sierra Leone, is over 100 years old, and provides schooling for young women aged 13 to 22 years, preparing them for University and other advanced education. Watch the video to see interviews with students and to learn more about the school.

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Girl’s Boarding School, Moyamba, Sierra Leone

I visited a girl’s boarding school in Moyamba, Sierra Leone, where I interviewed several young women receiving scholarships from United Methodist Women so they could attend the school.  Moyamba is located about 1.5 hours down a pot-hole strewn dirt road.  It was a very long, dusty day.

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Makeni, Sierra Leone

I visited several programs of Y Care International and the YMCA in Makeni, a few hours drive north east of the Leonian capital Freetown. I met a young woman learning to do metal work and welding, several auto-mechanic students, culinary students, and visited several schools which had peace clubs where students put on plays to explore and sensitize about various issues including domestic violence, conflict resolution, and drug abuse.

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