Magazine Article: From Surviving to Thriving




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photos by Nile Sprague. text by Séamus Maclennan and Nile Sprague

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Video: Crafts Business Thrives in India – TechnoServe

Produced for TechnoServe. Filming, photography and production by Nile Sprague.

When Mala Giridhar launched the crafts business Chetana, she knew very little about running a company. So in 2009, she entered a TechnoServe business plan competition. In this video, Mala describes how the program helped her build a sustainable enterprise — and how Chetana is making a difference in the lives of dozens of people in her community. Learn more:

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New website:

New website:

New website:

My new “landing page”  website, serving as a directory pointing to my various businesses and services.  Built with WordPress and the One Pager theme from Woo Themes. The website follows the theme of my new business card and logo.

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New website:

I designed this new website for my aunt Penny Schwyn’s custom outdoor gear business, running on WordPress.  The theme is based on the stock WordPress twenty twelve theme, customized with direction from her and her graphic designer Ted Moon.

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Guest Post: Street Photography Etiquette

How Playing Poker Can Help

When it comes to street photography, you need a certain kind of discretion when it comes to capturing that perfect shot. Not to say that you need to lurk around the bushes like the paparazzi, but possessing finesse and practicing proper etiquette especially when it comes to human subjects is essential in street photography. You don’t need the most expensive gear out there like the Hasselblad H4D-60 and you don’t need to be the reincarnation of William Klein to get that perfect shot. As long as you have the basic photography know-how and etiquette, you’ll be able to capture the heart of street photography. Take a cue from the most famous poker players in the world and you’ll know what I’m talking about.
Observe your favourite poker players such as Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth and Vanessa Rousso. What do they all have in common? It’s their timing, precision and discretion. They may appear aloof but they are calculating their every move in a very timely manner. There are no haphazard moves here when it comes to these professionals. Applying this practice in photography is very effective when you want to capture that perfect shot and even though you are working with calculated moves and cunning for this to be able to work, you need to combine this with your gut. This may sound counterintuitive but you have to play it by ear as well. In order to hone their craft, you can see these players actively joining the biggest poker tournaments in the world such as the World Series of Poker and the European Poker Tour or by playing online at There are also a lot of poker players that you can meet who are also photographers as well and exchange valuable tips and tricks with. The next time you’re out and about taking photos, you might bump into one of them. Documenting life with photographs involves technical skills but when you capture a moment that evokes certain emotions and tells a story then you know you’re being an effective photographer.
When it comes to approaching your subject, you really have to play it by ear and feel out the vibe. Most people don’t like to have their photograph taken and it’s only polite to ask for their permission. Explain to them what the photograph is for and for what project it is. If people hesitate and refuse your request, don’t get mad and just thank them for your time. Also, you also have to have quick reflexes to get that snapshot. If you’re in a different country, if there are any cultural factors to consider, be wary of them especially if there’s a language barrier. You can wave and smile and just gesture them your camera, most locals will happily oblige when they know you’re a tourist.

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Video: The Wedding of Whittney and Dan

My first foray into wedding video, shot in Spring of 2012  at the Albion Schoolhouse.  Filmed and edited by me.  It was a beautiful, fun wedding, and Whittney and Dan are a lovely couple!

View on YouTube

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Photos: Best of Sri Lanka work for UMCOR

These are some of my favorite photos from a collection of nearly five hundred, taken in March 2013 in North Eastern Sri Lanka on assignment for UMCOR.  I visited village groups, mostly with women members, who saved together in micro-finance and small savings programs, and visited the farming, animal husbandry, businesses, fishing, and other projects they had been able to finance with loans from the micro-finance groups.  The people were happy, beautiful and friendly – it was a lovely visit, and yielded some magnificent photography.

Click here to see full gallery

Photos available for licensing and as photo prints - contact me.

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