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Lomé, Togo

I spent several days in Togo’s capital Lomé, where I visited a market where children were working for petty cash as laborers moving cassava root, and met several young people who had been educated through various vocational training programs of Y Care International.  Occupations included tailoring, jewelry making and hairdressing.

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Notse, Togo

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Atakpame, Togo

I spent a day in Atakpame, about three hours drive north of Togo, where I visited youth who had completed vocational training programs in auto-mechanics, hairdressing, shoe-making, and woodworking.  I also visited a prison where Y Care International is doing advocacy and outreach work with wrongly imprisoned young people, many of whom have been held for long periods of time with no trial, and often without being charged.  Through the efforts of Y Care International, many of the young people have been freed from prison, and are the put into rehabilitation and vocational training programs, helping them to rebuild their lives.

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Child Rescue Centre, Bo, Sierra Leone

The Child Rescue Centre in Bo, Eastern Sierra Leone, is a United Methodist Church program that houses, feeds, provides medical care, and pays for the schooling of vulnerable boys and girls.  Following the war in Sierra Leone, many families were torn apart, children were orphaned, and the economy was severely damaged.  As a result, many children do not have adequate care.  The Child Rescue Centre provides a very high level of care for the children living there, and continues to support them when they reach adult hood and transition into self-reliance.

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Children’s Day Care, Moyamba, Sierra Leone

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Girl’s Boarding School, Moyamba, Sierra Leone

I visited a girl’s boarding school in Moyamba, Sierra Leone, where I interviewed several young women receiving scholarships from United Methodist Women so they could attend the school.  Moyamba is located about 1.5 hours down a pot-hole strewn dirt road.  It was a very long, dusty day.

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Makeni, Sierra Leone

I visited several programs of Y Care International and the YMCA in Makeni, a few hours drive north east of the Leonian capital Freetown. I met a young woman learning to do metal work and welding, several auto-mechanic students, culinary students, and visited several schools which had peace clubs where students put on plays to explore and sensitize about various issues including domestic violence, conflict resolution, and drug abuse.

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